Where is the Profiled Pipe used?

Where is the Profiled Pipe used?

Anywhere we go we are surrounded by constructions, where profiled pipes are used. These can be supports, steel stairs, buildings, handrails, public transport stops, chairs, tables, benches, various equipment, steel doors. This type of pipe is particularly interesting for assembly workers, who are metal construction specialists.

Cross-section of the product is not round; by pressing it can be made square or rectangular.

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Where is the Profiled Pipe Used?

The area of application of profiled rolled metal at the moment includes the whole area of metal constructions – from small open-work steel decors to load bearing carcasses of complicated form.

One of the main areas of use of square and rectangular cross-section pipes is construction. Profiled pipe due to its particular form and light weight allows reducing weight of the fundamental construction substantially. But it increases durability, even with high load.

Similar pipes are used for various load-bearing supports, constructions, details of metal constructions. This type of rolled metal is actively used in construction of industrial buildings, sport facilities, towers, shopping facilities and warehouses.

Besides, the profiled pipes are irreplaceable in construction iof children amusement courts, setting up of scaffoldings and fencing. Due to its increased durability, this type of pipes is also used in construction of bridges.

We should not forget the fact that pipes are also used in machine engineering, metalworking, manufacturing of furniture carcasses, in food and chemical industries. This product usually is not used in setting up of engineering communications; however, there are situations, when the pipe is used as a protective casing of cable system.

Company’s Baltic Metal Corporation pipes are popular due to the following properties:

  • Simple assembly in various constructions;
  • Can be used to replace parts of profile reinforcement bars;
  • High resistance against changes of temperature;
  • Substantial economy of raw materials.

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