Use of Steel Reinforcement Bars in Construction

Use of Steel Reinforcement Bars in Construction

Over centuries people have created architectural masterpieces. In fact, building of castles and other architectural monuments previously required enormous money resources and huge effort to strengthen such structures. Nowadays architectural wonders become more and more impressive in terms of size and form.

Contemporary masterpieces differ from ancient architectural monuments by substantially lower construction costs. It has become possible due to the modern materials, for example, reinforcement barsdouble-T beams, beams, U-channels that are used in reinforced concrete constructions.

If you want to lower construction costs, use new technologies, more modern and cheaper materials, choose your reinforcement bars at the Company Baltic Metal Corporation – these reinforcement bars are best suited for strengthening of the constructable constructions.

Modern Construction Technologies

The best way to cut costs of construction both of residential buildings and commercial premises and engineering buildings – use of cheaper materials that have proven their safety and longevity. Thanks to achievements of many scientific researches, steel reinforcement bars have been developed that have become an integral part of the modern reinforced concrete constructions.

Reinforced concrete – it is construction concrete strengthened with steel reinforcement bars. Reinforced concrete is more preferable than simple concrete constructions. The thing is – concrete demonstrates good durability during compression; however, it does not bear load in draw and stress tests. To solve this problem constructors started to use reinforcement bars to strengthen the construction. Peculiarity of this construction method is that initially a carcass of steel reinforcement bars is made, which is then filled with concrete.

Advantages of Reinforcement Bars

Use of reinforcement bars not only allows strengthening of building structures and constructions. Another reason why constructors and architects choose stainless steel bars is the possibility to operatively build even the most complicated constructions. Due to use of steel reinforcement bars – buildings, bridge constructions, monuments are built within a few months, but the largest and most complicated objects – within a year or two.

Company Baltic Metal Corporation offers all types of metal products that can be used to build durable constructions and save time for construction of the object. The catalogue includes types of rolled metal like:

  • U-channel;
  • Steel reinforcement bars;
  • Double-T beams and many other.