Steel Pipes for Water and Gas Supply Systems

Steel Pipes for Water and Gas Supply Systems

Pipes for transportation of natural gas and potable/technical water are called water-gas pipelines. They are used for construction of gas and water pipes of various diameters for household and industrial purposes.

Due to easy processing, low price and high durability these pipes are also used for:

  • Construction of various metal constructions (including reinforced concrete);
  • Setting up of heating systems (water and steam);
  • Manufacture of construction scaffolding.

Carbon steel pipes have long lifetime and they are suitable both for internal and external gas supply systems. These pipes can endure pressure fluctuations, they are corrosion resistant (especially, if they are painted), and have no problems to withstand low temperatures in winter and intensive heat during the hottest period of summer.

You can get acquainted with assortment of our water and gas pipes that are manufactured in accordance with standards EN 10255M, EN 10217, EN 10219 and EN 10210, in the respective section of the Baltic Metal Corporation webpage. We supply pipes with outer diameter from 17.2 to 355.6 mm, and with the wall thickness from 2.3 to 8 mm.

Manufacturing of Water-Gas Pipes

This pipe is made of metal sheet using automatic electric welding. The template is delivered in reels (thickness of sheet = thickness of the finished pipe wall) and undergoes the following technological process:

  1. Unrolling and rolling on the rolls to achieve uniform steel sheet;
  2. Cutting and polishing of the necessary sizes of sheets;
  3. Formation of pipes of particular diameter;
  4. Longitudinal welding along spiral or straight line on automatic facility;
  5. Removal and cooling of the edge of outer seam.

Since the technological process is fully automatized and is carried out under strict control during all stages, the manufacturer guarantees that the finished water and gas pipes will be of high quality.

Sale, Cutting and Delivery of Pipes

Company Baltic Metal Corporation sells steel gas pipes and water pipes at affordable price, in any amount, and with fast delivery to the site. We also accept orders for cutting of necessary sizes of pipes, thus ensuring additional comfort to our clients.

To receive additional information regarding terms of delivery, provision of additional services and qualified consultations, please, contact our manager, phone number: (+371) 24 4089 408.