Reinforcement Bars from Baltic Metal Corporation – Advantages and Areas of Application

Reinforcement Bars from Baltic Metal Corporation – Advantages and Areas of Application

Modern construction cannot be imagined without reinforcement bars. To those, who are interested in steel reinforcement bars, we suggest to visit the webpage of our Company Baltic Metal Corporation. We have huge variety of this kind of metal at competitive price.

Areas of Application of Reinforcement Bars

Reinforcement bars are considered to be one of the most necessary materials used for manufacturing of reinforced concrete elements: for blocks, walls, foundations, partition walls. They ensure higher durability of construction elements, for example, reinforced concrete. The reinforcement bars are responsible for safety, durability and parameters of the use of construction.

This construction material is used in almost all buildings built in accordance with monolithic concrete technologies. This technology means that reinforcement bars act as the load-bearing carcass that undertakes the whole load. Due to their special corrugated surface the reinforcement bars have strong adhesion with cement, and when it is completely dry, a durable reinforced concrete is formed. One might say that reinforcement bars are the carcass of concrete buildings. Therefore, a large part of modern buildings, engineering buildings, including TV towers and skyscrapers, are built from reinforced concrete. This is the reason, why reinforcement bars are so necessary and demanded in construction, and their importance cannot be overestimated.

Some of the main advantages of reinforcement bars from the Company Baltic Metal Corporation include:

  • Long useful life;
  • High safety;
  • Pressure and tensile strength;
  • Resistance against increased humidity, high seismic activity, ground instability;
  • Resistance against high loads.

Besides, reinforcement bars allow fast building of even the most complex constructions in comparison with other materials. This is another substantial advantage provided by this type of metal.

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