Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation – Availability, Excellent Quality, Broad Area of Application!

Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation – Availability, Excellent Quality, Broad Area of Application!

Metal profiles are the foundation of modern construction technologies. All construction technologies available now (innovative, classical) require use of load-bearing constructions. In comparison with stone and reinforced concrete, metal profiles have plenty of advantages: small size, lightness, safety. Therefore, if you need to purchase products like metal profiles, double beams, flat bars, U-channels or other metal products, we will be glad to see you at our Company Baltic Metal Corporation. Wide assortment, democratic prices, convenient catalogue, fast execution of orders – our Company is ready to offer all this to our clients. Besides, our experienced, qualified employees will provide professional assistance, additional information about the products and help with selection at any time.

Main advantages of the Company’s Baltic Metal Corporation metal profiles:

  • Environmentally friendly. These products do not emit environmentally hazardous substances even under high temperatures;
  • Resistance against radical changes of humidity. These factors have no effect as to the configuration or size of metal;
  • Simple processing. Simple household instruments, e.g., saws, drills, metal scissors, are perfectly suitable for cutting or curving of the profile;
  • Long useful life;
  • High resistance against corrosion. Due to the fact that iron products are sprayed with polymer and covered with zinc, they do not rust even in conditions of high humidity;
  • Excellent manufacturing quality;
  • High safety, durability. That is achieved by adequate thickness and reinforcing ring;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Constructions built using metal profiles, U-channels, flat bars do not lose their functionality even with very high bearing loads;
  • Thanks to the high technical indicators of this construction material, it can be used in almost any conditions without limitations.

Since metal profiles have enormous variety of component parts, they allow creating constructions of any complexity and size.

Metal profiles offered by Baltic Metal Corporation – it is safety, economy and the most comprehensive possibilities for the most ambitious architecture and engineering solutions.