Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation and their Advantages

Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation and their Advantages

At the moment metal profiles are actively used for making of durable carcasses that are then used for attaching plates, sheets and panels. Metal profiles have become widely used due to their excellent parameters.

If you do not know where to buy high quality profiles, contact Baltic Metal Corporation. Our metal profiles are light, durable, easy to assemble, economic and with long term of use. The mentioned features of metal profiles allow using them in constructions of buildings, as well as finishing of various level of complexity.

Why is it Best to Buy Metal Profiles in the Company Baltic Metal Corporation?

  • We offer wide selection of products;
  • We guarantee the highest quality of U-channels and T-channels;
  • You can buy these products in the amount you need;
  • We have set an affordable price.

U-channel, T-channel – parameters

If you are looking for a universal product that can be used as a load-bearing element for development of construction systems, as well as relieve the metal construction, the U-channel is exactly what you need. Company Baltic Metal Corporation purchased this product with the aim to use it for finishing works, to carry out connecting, framing and decorative functions. Due to its increased resistance against corrosion, the product will be suitable for outdoor tasks. Our U-channel ensures high hardness and durability of the construction.
Same as the above-mentioned metal profile, the T-channel is also highly demanded and is irreplaceable for finishing of surface panels as a connecting element. It has high resistance against corrosion and plasticity. Due to its cross-section form this product allows prevention of small differences of surface height, hide imperfections, connect flooring on one plane.

Features of HEB, HEA, IPE

At the moment there is high demand for double-T beams.

The double-T wide edge hot-rolled beams HEB, HEA offered by our Company are made with parallel surfaces and are manufactured in accordance with the European standards. Their wide edges ensure additional durability.

Also, the double-T hot-rolled normal beam IPE is highly demanded. These beams are bought for use in construction in various combinations. Those who need qualitative metal profiles that are made in accordance with the existing standards will definitely enjoy products of the Company Baltic Metal Corporation. Come to us and we will provide only the best products!