Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation – Advantages of the Area of Application

Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation – Advantages of the Area of Application

At the moment metal profiles are widely used in many areas. However, most often this type of metal is used in construction. It is a tall element made of thin steel belt by cold-rolling method.

If you need double-T profile beams hea, ipe, heb,upe, unp, as well as other metal profiles, you are welcome at Company Baltic Metal Corporation. Our wide selection of products that is constantly stocked up with new products, as well as affordable prices and excellent product quality will leave no one uninterested.

Where to Use Metal Profiles?

Metal profiles are in demand: as bearings for assembly of equipment, fencing of any configuration, metal carcasses of building constructions. Besides, this product can be used to create truly unique and modern interior. Metal profiles are used to cover cut ends of other assembly elements, they serve as base for plaster board constructions, and are used to attach various façade elements.

What are the Advantages of Metal Profiles from Baltic Metal Corporation?

  • Handy exploitation, easy use and repair;
  • High load carrying capacity – good metal strength allows bearing serious loads;
  • Simple assembly, transportation;
  • Low weight in comparison to other constructions made from stone, wood, reinforced concrete;
  • Good paint resistance, including against ultra-violet light;
  • Wide variety of polymer coatings for various conditions;
  • Variety of polymer coating textures;
  • High resistance against corrosion;
  • Wide range of colours;
  • The excellent technical parameters of this metal allow using it in any conditions;
  • Resistance against humidity and sharp changes of temperature;
  • Excellent performance quality;
  • Environmentally friendly solutions.

Metal profiles are a unique possibility to create safe carcass – for realisation of the most unexpected ideas. We are convinced – we have exactly those metal profiles and double-T profile beams that you need. And Company Baltic Metal Corporation guarantees first-class service, handy catalogue with technical parameters and long service period.