Angle Bar – Universal Type of Rolled Metal

Angle Bar – Universal Type of Rolled Metal

Metal angle bars are deservedly considered the most demanded type of rolled metal. Their universal form, easy application and high durability together with the relatively low specific gravity ensure wider area of application than that of double-T beam and other types of profile rolled metal.

By profile form, angle bars are divided into two types: equilateral and non-equilateral; by size – angle bars with edge width from 20 to 250 mm and edge thickness from 3 to 24 mm. Particular type is selected considering the load that the metal construction made of angle bars will have to bear; and you can view all sizes in the catalogue of our Company.

Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Angle Bar

Like U-channels also angle bars are made by hot and cold-rolling method. The hot-rolled angle bar is not difficult to distinguish from cold-rolled by its external features. For example, there can be a layer of slag on the surface that forms during heating of metal in high temperature. Another difference – cold-rolled bars have external radius along the curve line. Hot-rolled bars do not have radius and therefore they have increased durability.

Advantages of Hot-Rolled Angle Bars:

  • Low price and simple manufacturing;
  • Possibility to use in metal constructions that are subject to load;
  • Higher flexural and torsion strength than that of cold-rolled angle bars with the same thickness of edges.

Area of Application

Steel angle bars sold by our Company are used for:

  • Manufacturing of metal furniture for household and industrial needs;
  • Manufacturing of doors, fencing and gates;
  • Setting up of load-bearing metal constructions of hangars, prefab houses and shopping pavilions;
  • Construction of bridges, scaffold bridges, high voltage electro-transmission lines;
  • Building of sea and river vessels, piers, oil platforms;
  • Building of monolithic and reinforced concrete constructions.

This material is easy to process and it can be assembled both by welding and bolt coupling. Angle bar metal constructions that are held in the open must be protected by painting.

In addition to the hot-rolled angle bars manufactured in accordance with standard EN 10056, Company Baltic Metal Corporation sells any amounts of the following products: U-channels, double-T beams and other types of rolled metal, as well as provides cutting out, cutting and delivery to the client’s site.